2017 - 2018 Programs


Skateboard Science | September 26, 2018 

A Scientist and a Skateboarder Walk Into a School…That’s Not a Joke, It’s…Science!
Skateboarding is awesome, but practice and science is what makes it work! Enjoy as pro skaters show off their coolest stuff at your school. Enjoy it even more as we figure out how it works! Combining sick moves, the occasional magic trick, and plenty of your insight, we explore the science of skateboarding.
You are your students will enjoy professional skateboarding as they learn concepts like:
  • Distribution of force – how safety equipment works
  • Center of mass – twist, spin, and rip!
  • Center of gravity – stand up on that skateboard, and don’t fall down!
  • Inertia and Vector Decomposition – skate tricks and projectile motion
Physical science, or athletics? Well, they go together!


Perot Museum Tech Truck | OCTOBER 19, 2017 | 6:30 pm

The TECH Truck — a mobile discovery lab where you can Tinker, Engineer, Create and Hack will visit our school in the evening for all families to enjoy.  The goal of the TECH Truck is to engage youth in hands-on, maker-based science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) experiences that foster creativity and confidence.

Experiences may include:

    • Getting creative and innovative with basic materials

    • Solving design challenges

    • Utilizing technology to solve problems

    • Exploring 3D printing, laser cutters and other technologies

    • Using tools and supplies to create and connect


Team big Air | October 25, 2017

Team Big Air will perform during our Red Ribbon Week. The high energy program is filled with stunts, energizing music and student involvement. They will communicate an age appropriate and effective message to the students. 


Jeff began his career as an acrobatic slam dunk artist in1996 touring with the #1 half-time act in basketball, the Slam Dunk Daredevils.  Jeff left the Daredevils in 1998 when the Boston Celtics signed him to become the first mascot in the history of the organization.  After two seasons with the Celtics Jeff and his family moved to Dallas when he signed with the Dallas Mavericks to perform as Mavs Man.  In his first season with the Mavericks, Sports Illustrated named him the 2nd best mascot in the NBA behind the Phoenix Gorilla.
Jeff’s personable and moving speaking style has been enjoyed by many audiences.  Having done over 500 speaking engagements, his captivating speaking style and master storytelling ability appeal to all.  His positive attitude and warm ways will leave a lasting impression, while his presentation will encourage all to strive a little harder.




Native Pride Dancers | December 4, 2017 

Native American life. The program will be vibrant, interactive, educational, and engaging
for students and staff.  The program covers the following curriculum: Social Studies/History/Physical Education, and Music/Performing Arts.



Dennis Lee | January 10, 2017

Dennis Lee is award winning ventriloquist, comedian, musician, author, and inspirational speaker.


Extreme Energy | January 26, 2018 

Light up your school with the most exciting science show you’ll ever see! From potential energy to (controlled) explosions, from thermal cameras to people-power, explore where energy comes from, and where it ends up. How do we generate the energy we use every day and how do the choices we make affect our environment? This is one of the most exciting and hands on science based assembly programs touring the country today. Your students will be able to see, feel, and create energy—not to mention explore energy at the molecular level inside a giant, life-sized snow globe!

Concepts explored:
  • Forms of energy
  • Potential Energy
  • Conservation of Energy and Matter
  • Weather and Climate
This show aligns with the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics)

James Wand (3rd-5th STAAR prep) | May 10, 2017

Operation Ready, Test, Go!  James Wand shows kids that the secret to test taking is in the preparation!



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